3 Step Exercise & Recovery Plan after Baby 3

So if you follow me on social media or know me personally you know we just had our third baby in three years. Yes we are crazy! Here are three things I’ve found to work best for recovering from birth and returning to your new normal as far as postpartum goes!

1. Drink Water

Okay, I know you’re exhausted and the coffee is calling your name. Fun fact. I don’t even drink coffee unless there is a newborn living in my house. Which there has been for the past three years so maybe I do drink coffee. I digress. Have that cup of coffee girl. You deserve it. BUT after you have that goodness coursing through your veins stick to the good old H2O. I like to keep the cup the hospital gives out and keep it filled several times a day. Drinking plenty of water is going to flush out those pesky hormones. It also helps you stay regular…if you know what I mean 💩. Great for that milk supply if you’re wanting to breastfeed too! Plus I have a motto when it comes to trying to lose the baby weight. “Don’t drink your calories.” Save them for the good stuff. You know, FOOD!

2. Exercise

Okay. So you’re fully recovered, at least 6 weeks postpartum, and you’re ready to get moving. I like my workouts quick, realistic and free. So many free resources out there! BodyFit by Amy on YouTube has some great postpartum workouts to ease you back into things. I like the mixture of strength and cardio, and find that’s the BEST way to maximize weight loss and gain that lean muscle! Her workouts are about 20-30 mins each or shorter because HELLO you have kids and you don’t have an hour to workout. I’ve found that works best for me is 4-5, 30 minute workouts a week. Also, I DON’T workout on the weekends. The weekends are for my family and relaxing! This helps me look forward to a break and avoid burnout. This may look different for you, but scheduling workouts and breaks are important when you’re setting up your exercise routine.

3. Support

Okay. So this is something new I’m trying with recovery 3. My posture has never been the best, but after pregnancy and nursing it really takes a beating. So I found a great postpartum girdle/corset. It’s called the Bellefit. Not only does it pull everything in and help me feel supported, it actually helped me get into my pre-pregnancy jeans months before I would have been able to with exercise alone. I ordered a medium based off the websites measurements. I can wear it now at 6 weeks postpartum, but they recommend wearing it when you get home from the hospital so for that I needed to size up. The large worked perfectly for the first 5 weeks postpartum. Each girdle also comes with a free extender that can give you a little wiggle room while you’re naturally shedding those extra pounds after baby but pre-exercise. They are a little pricey, but if you follow their Instagram they do great discount codes often. I ended up paying a little over $100 for both sizes.

Thanks for reading and happy recovery Mama❤️

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