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10 Affirmations to the Burned Out Mama

Words. The Bible says that the tongue is a small thing but it can bring life or death. Isn’t that powerful? I’ve always loved words. I love to speak them and to hear them. I love to hear people’s stories & struggles. I love how I feel after leaving an encouraging conversation with someone I love. I love how words connect people together. I love to write my words and I love to read the words of others.

Coincidentally, my husband’s love language is words of affirmations. I can literally see his soul light up when I speak encouragement over him. On the flip side, I can see how my criticism deeply wounds him. So the Bible is right! There is SO MUCH power in the words we say and the words we consume.

Think about the person in your life that consumes the news all day. They walk around with kind of a jaded outlook because as we all know too well the world around us can seem really messed up. Those stories on the news can make us feel fearful and hopeless sometimes. Now, on the other hand, think about the person in your life who is always eyeball deep in an inspirational novel or listening to a personal development podcast. That person seems so optimistic. They’re dreaming and doing and setting goals. They even oftentimes are encouraging others along the way. The contrast is the thought process of these two people is deeply altered by the words they are immersing themselves in every day. God or bad, life or death, there is power in what narrative you choose.

Lately, God has placed many women in my life. Women from all walks of life, but all bonded together by the gift of motherhood. I’ve noticed a narrative among these women. They sing the same song and I keep hearing the same message from these women. I’m weary. I’m lonely. I’m not enough. I feel guilty. I’m hurting. I’m not beautiful. I’m not exceptional. I don’t have time. There isn’t enough money for me to do that for me. I’m stressed out. I’m too busy. I need a break. I’M BURNED OUT.

I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that God left us HIS living word. I think that God designed words to give us power. With that power, we have a choice. So today lady, I hope you choose your words wisely. I hope that the words you say to yourself and the words you say to those around you are life-giving words. So here are ten affirmations I want you to start speaking OUT LOUD to yourself! Remember that there is power in the tongue.

1. I am to DIE for. Jesus overcame the grave so that I may know him and have life in him ABUNDANTLY.

2. I am worthy of time and investment.

3. I am beautiful, lovely, formed in the image of GOD.

4. I was designed with a purpose.

5. The work that I do daily is VALUABLE & appreciated.

6. I am worthy of rest.

7. I am a patient & kind wife and mother.

8. My family is blessed by my existence.

9. I am loved.

10. I am strong and courageous and capable of infinitely more than I think.

If speaking affirmations is new to you please use mine. Write them down. Read them to yourself out loud. Read them to your sons & daughters. Write your own! Hang them up where you can see them. Speak life my friend. Use the power we have in our words today to give life to yourself and then in return to those around you. You never know who might be hanging on by your words.

❤️ Thanks for Reading

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