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Choose Gratitude

It’s almost thanksgiving day by the time you get your eyes on this post. This is hands down one of the best holidays because A. all the good food, B. all the family & C. we actually take the time to reflect on the things of which we are so thankful.

The Bible is pretty clear when it says give thanks in all circumstances. I know what you’re thinking, especially if you’re struggling right now. That’s easier said than done. You are absolutely right it is easier said than done friend.

I remember a couple months back Colby and I had moved our three kids into a new home. He had taken a job teaching, and I had just started growing my online coaching business. We had worked so very hard to become free of student loans, but found ourselves not even being able to make it past mid month before we were out of money. And not because we were spending frivolously. We were just covering the basics like rent, diapers, groceries and it still wasn’t enough.

It’s a really hard thing to watch your husband come home defeated because he feels that he’s not adequately providing. Or not come home until bedtime because he has to work two jobs. It felt really easy to switch into victim mode especially when we were feeling entitled to some relief because of all the discipline in paying off the loans. We could have played the blame game. Or even tanken it out on each other because the tensions were high.

Here is the thing though. Sometimes God puts you in situations where you are being pruned for what He is preparing for you. Sometimes those circumstances are scary, hard and frankly they suck. The hard truth of the matter is that we have no control over our outward circumstances.

I felt completely powerless in that situation. What I wasn’t powerless over was how I chose to respond. We got really humble really fast. We had to ask for help from family. The thing that I’m most proud that we decided to do was start praying. We started a 30 day intentional prayer plan where Colby and I kneeled together and journaled every night thanking God and asking for what we needed.

Looking back if all that came from that circumstance was more intimacy with God and intentionality with my husband wasn’t that hard time worth it? If this one post encourages someone reading because they’re in the trenches and scared, isn’t it worth it? If we prayed intentionally and God changed our life in some huge miraculous and glorifying way, wouldn’t all the struggle be worth it?

It takes a very great deal of patience and perspective to choose gratitude when you want to kick and scream and be angry with God for your circumstances. I know because I’ve done both. I have fought myself into utter exhaustion like a toddler being angry at God for circumstances. I have also chosen gratitude and let me tell you what, gratitude wins. Choose to be thankful today and everyday.

Thanks for reading ❤️.

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