Weary Still Wins

I have felt the weight of weary. I have felt the weight of carrying on and marching forward even when I wanted to quit. Maybe that resonates with you this morning, and here is the encouragement I hope to offer you.

It is okay to get tired. You are a human being. It is okay to be called to something bigger than yourself and be so utterly overwhelmed that you do not know how it’s going to work or happen. You want to know why?

It is in that place that we can’t fix or control that we realize our powerlessness. It is in that place that we are made to realize our absolute weakness and inability. I don’t know about you, but that’s what sends me hightailing it back to the one who CAN, and that’s the real point here.

I believe God calls us to battles that He knows we cannot handle so that we will come to Him. So that we will realize the source of our strength. So that we will realize our humanness and realize his supernatural ability.

Nothing is bigger than Him. No unexpected circumstance, no opposition, no fight with your spouse, not when you lose it on your kids for the 100th time, it’s not too much for Him to handle.

Listen because this is what the Lord says, “Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army, for the battle is not yours but the Lord’s”

And here’s the thing about the Lord. He has already won the victory. Rest in that today as you push forward with your calling weary friend.

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