Still, Small Voice

I am so loud. I yell more often than I would like to admit. I yell to get my toddlers to get their act together. I yell to get my point across in a disagreement with my husband. I’m a yeller. Better yet I am a recovering yeller.

Maybe you can relate? Maybe you have one too many memories of raising your voice. Sometimes it feels like everything is loud in my brain. Social media posts, people in the grocery store, chitter chatter from my family, the host on the radio, someone is always saying something. It can get pretty noisy up in this head of mine. Maybe that’s another reason I feel like I have to shout in order to be heard above all the noise.

I don’t like how I feel after I shout though. It doesn’t just end with me. It goes on to add to the noise and chatter in the mind’s of the ones that I love. I have to be mindful and aware of its effects, because while it may cause some temporary release or relief for me it can cause some deep seeded wounds for those in its wake.

You know who doesn’t yell? Oprah! Just kidding. Jesus. Jesus doesn’t yell at us. He is described as a still small voice, and purposefully so. You can’t rush around busy and hectic and expect to hear it. You have to stop. Get still and quiet. Turn off all those blaring commercials and distractions to hear the sweet whispers of our Lord.

That’s not easy though. The bumbling along, distracting, and pushing through until you’re about to lose your shiz is easy. Shutting that all off and getting still that takes intention and discipline. Yelling is easy. Taking the time to form your thoughts and words in kindness takes intention and self control. Oh friend, if you’re convicted right now, me too. Let’s choose the path less traveled next time okay. Let’s slowwwwwwwwwwwwww down. Let’s choose the fruit of the spirit which is kindness, gentleness & self control. Let’s stop yelling at each other and choose to reflect the loving and tender whispers of our Lord. Amen?

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