“Poems for the Weary” Guest Post by Sharla Fanous

I have always loved poetry. The first stories we heard were likely poems — nursery rhymes. For me poetry is not only therapeutic, but it also helps me see that God can make incredibly beautiful things out of our pain. Here are some poems that speak to the weary and the waiting times.


It’s coming on,

Like clouds that gather and darken before a storm,

And I cannot stop it.

I can feel it building,

Covering every part of me,

From the inside out,

In this empty solitude,

I feel so alone.

Even if I were to scream,

No one would hear me crying,

Or see that I am drowning in my tears.

Yet, just when I think

The darkness has overtaken me,

That the flood has swallowed me up,

The Sun breaks through the clouds,

Drying up my sorrow,

And covering me in warm light

Once again.


When the boat rocked

And the storm raged

And the strong winds began to blow,

I placed my trust in the Savior who made me

To never let me go.

The boat still rocks

The storm still rages

The strong winds still blow and blow

But in the palm of His hand,

My Father still holds me,

And He will never let me go.


In the waiting

Buried deep

Where God planted her

Hidden and unknown

First deeper,

Her roots spread wide,

Nourishing on the dead and dying 

things of her past.

Then rising, 

She stretches forth,

Breaking and budding,

Ready for her beauty

To be revealed

There is a Part of Me

LORD, help me to understand

That seeing is not believing

That my feelings are not facts

Because there is a part of me that is

Flooded with hopelessness in impossible situations

There is a part of me that is

Fearful that loneliness is a permanent state

There is a part of me that is

Worried that  there is not enough

There is a part of me that is

Confused about what to do next

There is a part of me that is

Overwhelmed by what I think I cannot do

There is a part of me that is

Overcome by the grief of losses

There is a part of me that is

Unsettled by all of the chaos in the world

LORD, let there be a greater part of me

Whose faith is not sight

But knows the God who is “I Am”

In hopelessness, You say, “I Am Faithful”

In loneliness, You say, “I Am Present”

In scarcity, You say, “I Am your Provider”

In confusion, You say “I Am the Way”

In inadequacy, You say, “I Am your Help”

In grief, You say, “I Am your Comforter”

In chaos, You say, “I Am Sustainer”

LORD, I know that You hold the whole world in Your hands

Help me to know that even I am held securely by You

Because there is a part of me that needs reminding

There is a part of me that needs to hear you speak 

In a still small voice, letting me know that I am never alone


A hole

So deep, it seems unfillable.

The dark,

The only witness to her tears and confessions of her longings

for connection.

She feels destined

To be alone



Unable to feel the freedom of being 



Who would love her?

A girl so lost inside of herself?


She built walls for protection;


It seems that her fortified heart is also her


Is there someone who can rescue her from herself,

From the tower built with her own hands,

Locked from the inside?

Who can she trust with the key to unlock this door

When she cannot even trust herself?


Maybe if someone were able to get close enough to

Pry the key clutched tightly in her hands,

They could set her free.

But the door is heavily guarded from the outside

By dragons carrying the memories of 

Abandonment and neglect,

Of sinister hags and fallen princes. 

These dragons, too, both protect and imprison her.


Maybe I am not worthy of such a fight?

She thinks as she witnesses time and again,

Knights fall or flee in an attempt to reach her.

This is her fate.

She must accept it.


It is she who holds the key.


Maybe she should stop waiting to be rescued

Maybe she could be brave and free herself. 

The key

The key she holds in her hand was forged in 

The promises of her Father. 

“You, my child, are a daughter of the King.

Not meant to be a princess cowering in a tower,

But a warrior

Wielding a powerful sword

To slay the dragons that hold you prisoner.

 are wonderfully made,

Of immeasurable value,

And I am always with you.

Be brave, my daughter.

Do not be afraid.I love you.

I created you because

I chose you.

I have a purpose for you.

I know you better than you know yourself.

I Am 

All that you need.

You are never alone.”


As she remembers her Father’s words,

She turns the key,

Opens the door.

And with one brave step,

She is free.

Connect with Sharla:

Instagram: @sharla_fanous

Her Poetry: @prose_and_purpose



Sharla lives in Ottawa, ON with her three children. She loves home decor and experimenting in the kitchen and hopes to one day become a published author.

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